Kurogane Hime Manga

Alternate Name: 
Iron Princess
Year of Release: 
Sogabe Toshinori
Sogabe Toshinori
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

The Japanese government developed a military project where they created "Iron Princesses", schoolgirls who were altered to strengthen their body by replacing their bones with steel and artificial muscles. The Iron Princess are experts with the katana and are allowed to fight in the streets to determine the cream of the crop. Those who repair the Iron Princess are medical experts called Toui and they work to maintain and improve the girls.
Sakuradamon is an academy built to train girls like Honoka Asami, an Iron Princess and Nagamitsu Yomogi, a Toui. Asami is a mysterious and powerful fighter while Yomogi is a medical child prodigy and they have to work together if they value their lives on campus

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Kurogane Hime 1010 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 910 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 810 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 710 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 610 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 510 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 410 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 310 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 210 Jul 2016
Kurogane Hime 110 Jul 2016