Under City Manga

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Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

In this day and age there are numerous online games you can immerse yourself in, and "Under City" is one of them.
Despite the fact that this is a survival game which requires strong guts to survive, with gory scenes and corpses all over the place and hungry players after each other's blood, the "Hallow Man", an indiscriminate killer who slaughters anything and everything he comes across in the virtual world, soon begins to terrify even hardcore fans.
Under City is "under siege" now, and the players are wondering...can anyone stop this deranged murderer who is ruining their free time with his bloodthirsty antics?

TitleDate Addedsort descending
Under City 028 Jun 2016
Under City 128 Jun 2016
Under City 228 Jun 2016
Under City 328 Jun 2016
Under City 428 Jun 2016
Under City 528 Jun 2016
Under City 628 Jun 2016
Under City 728 Jun 2016
Under City 829 Jun 2020