Neko no Koi Manga

Alternate Name: 
Cats Love, ???
Year of Release: 
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

Chihiro is the heir to Tsurumaruya, an old, well-established Japanese confectionary. He is secretly in love with Katsumi, a childhood friend, who is also the manager of the store. His feelings for the over-protective Katsumi keep growing, but Katsumi wants to fulfill the last wish of the previous owner and live his life as the manager.

With the two of them unable to connect their feelings, Chihiro is asked to go to Tokyo by an important customer.

The lives of the master and manager are bound by family tradition. In addition to this popular series is a story about a nephew who suddenly ends up living with President Mori and two new stories.

Titlesort descendingDate Added
Neko no Koi 126 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 226 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 326 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 426 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 526 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 626 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 726 Jun 2016
Neko no Koi 826 Jun 2016