Hideout Manga

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Kakizaki Masasumi
Kakizaki Masasumi
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

It is a very dark night. Under a heavy rain, a determined man sets out to track his terrified victim. The decision of Kirishima Seiichi is clear: Tonight, he will kill his wife.
A year ago, he was a happy man - a successful writer, a contented husband, and a father of a young boy... at that time, everything seemed going well for him. But such happiness had to end. The day his editor put an end to their collaboration, darkness seeped into his life faster than a bullet. A terrifying descent into hell commences, page by page of what it seems to be his last novel...

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Hideout 926 Jun 2016
Hideout 826 Jun 2016
Hideout 726 Jun 2016
Hideout 626 Jun 2016
Hideout 526 Jun 2016
Hideout 426 Jun 2016
Hideout 326 Jun 2016
Hideout 226 Jun 2016
Hideout 126 Jun 2016